What are your rates?

I charge per word. My normal rate is anywhere from .05 cents to .10 cents per word, depending on length, content, and research required. Please contact me for quotes.


What topics do you have confidence writing about?

I have a diverse background. I spend most of my time blogging about weight-loss, fitness, and food; I also have experience in the pet and equine industry, the wedding industry, and the beauty industry. Check out the "About" section to learn more. 


What's included in your price?

 Here's What You Get:

- Researched topics (for better value, traffic, trends)

- Thorough research on chosen topics

- Headline that grabs attention

- Keywords/phrase added to content when requested

- SEO optimized headline and subheadings (no keyword stuffing)

- Formatting that's easy to upload

- Credible sources

- Links to sources

- Easy reading and easy scanning

- Uploading to your site (if you want that)

(Need free stock photo sourcing? I can do that, too.)



Do you help with social media promotion?

Yes, I can help you with:

(Additional fees apply; please contact me)

- Promoting new and old posts

- Promoting posts of others'

- Creating unique updates

- Promoting brand and brand awareness

- Promoting contests, specials, and news

- Replying to comments, mentions, and messages

 - Sharing images and videos



What is your rate for writing SEO articles and blog posts?

I charge anywhere from .05 to .10 cents per word, depending on length, content, and research required. We can chat about the length you need. Then we can discuss who your target audience is and what your goals are. Then I can give you a quote. It will include keyword research to ensure the article positions well. We might even need to do a competitor analysis, too. We want to make sure the content is the best it can be for your site and catch the attention of the search engines. 


What do you charge to write a case study or customer success story?

It depends on the scope of the case study. There's a good bit involved in writing one: research, interviews, transcription and putting it all together. It can vary, depending on length and other factors. Typically, case studies are more in-depth than a success story. Please look at the services/rates page for basic rates.

What do you charge for content editing and revision?

It depends on the project and length. Once we discuss your needs, and the amount of words/pages that need to be optimized and edited, I can give you a quote. It's usually a fee charged per page; however, each situation (and website) is different.

How many revisions are included in your fee?

I normally offer two revisions within a 30 day time frame. Your satisfaction is a direct reflection of my work, and we'll work together until the project is completed to your satisfaction. 

Do you require a deposit? 

Yes. I require 50% down and the remaining amount when the job is complete. Once the contract is signed, you'll be invoiced. Once the deposit is received, I'll begin work on the project.

Do you charge extra for a "rush" project?

In most cases, yes; however, it will depend on the project and time involved. It may also depend on how busy I am at that time, and if I can work the project into my schedule.

What qualifies you to be an SEO copywriter and content consultant?

I do have a passion for writing; however, it takes more than that to be a good writer. I have a college degree that enhanced my writing and research skills. I'm an AWAI trained/verified copywriter, and a certified SEO writer. And I'm also an entrepreneur (I've owned two successful businesses that I sold.). Your business can benefit from my experience and knowledge.

Do you guarantee SEO and ranking? 

No, I do not. Even Google Webmaster says not to trust an SEO specialist who guarantees ranking. What I can guarantee is this: All writing will be original and based on best practices SEO techniques. And I also guarantee you'll get my best effort. I'm not an SEO expert; I concentrate on search engine friendly content and how it affects your site.

Do you offer/require a contract for your services?

Yes, I do. Once we discuss your needs, and the scope of the project, I'll provide a detailed contract that you can look over, return and sign. If you're not happy with some of the details, they can be negotiated, then signed by both of us. It's the best way to protect both sides and a sound business decision.


Can you design/create my website?

No. I'm not a website designer or graphic artist. I specialize in copy and content only. I help with website usability, flow, content, and SEO for better positioning.

What else do you need to know about me?

I'm trustworthy, dependable, and honest. And I'm punctual. If I need additional time, I'll let you know, explain why, and get your permission (What if that expert you asked me to interview won't return my calls?). I'm also a native English speaker, born in the United States. I pride myself on correct grammar and punctuation skills. I'll always give you my best effort. And I've been told that I'm awful easy to get along with :). I certainly try.

FYI: I'm Southern. Through and through. Just sayin', so you won't be surprised when we talk. Hey, my accent might even be slightly contagious ;) !

What's the best way to contact you?

You can email me with questions/details: clevkj2@gmail.com. Or feel free to call: 704-472-8037. If I don't answer, please leave a message; I'll call you back as soon as possible. Please let me know the best time to reach you.


I look forward to chatting with you!


Copywriting Samples and More:

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Case Study -Simply Wedding Florals Saves
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SEO Blog Post
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Long form sales letter with lift note and envelope teasers
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Real estate description
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Amazon product description: Book


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Pet Grooming Brochure
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