SO. You wanna be a writer?!


Wow, you have perfect timing.


Because if you've ever dreamed of becoming a freelance writer, now's the time.


Why? Because writers are in demand. (I'm not even kidding!)


With the ascension of the Internet, writing opportunities are endless. And that's a great thing!


Just think about it; all those words online have to be written by somebody, so why not you?


If you love to write, you can learn the rest.


You do have to know the basics:

  • Proper grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation rules


But, if you're a bit rusty, you can brush up on all that. (Go buy a good grammar book.)


And the best thing?


You do NOT need a college degree.

- Not in journalism.

- Not in communications.

- Not even in English.


You say, "But, Kelli, I saw that you had a college degree."

That doesn't matter. 


Throw all that out the window, because you don't have conversations the way you write school assignments. 


Take my word; it's not the same kind of writing.



You'll have to know three things when you write:


  1. You have to know your reader.
  2. You have to know what they want. 
  3. You have to give them solutions to solve their problems.


And there are some other things you'll have to learn, too. (Especially if you're just startin' out!).


Things like:

  • Conversational Writing
  • Research 
  • Online Etiquette
  • Pitching (the right way!)
  • Proper Formatting
  • Sourcing Photos
  • Citing 
  • White Space
  • Scannable Copy


... among other things. 


You need to give them: Valuable, useful information. 


That's it.


You're lookin' a little worried.


Don't be.


Below, you're gonna find resources to help you learn all you need to know.

(And then some!)


I can personally attest to the quality of each and every course. I've taken each one.


This is how I got started.



And, I can tell you that I've even had interactions with the people who developed these courses (through email).


And they don't mind! They're actually helpful AND nice. 


Each course/ebook is top notch, and offers all you need to know to start a freelance writing business (in no time at all).


Let me give you a rundown on each course, and I'll even give you any pros and cons.


But, I can honestly say that each course is worth every penny you'll pay for it.

Every. Single. One. (Cross my heart!)


BUT... yes there is a but...


YOU have to take the reigns!


You can't expect to take the courses, then have writing jobs just fall into your lap.


Ain't gonna happen.


YOU have to put in the work, sweat, and yes, there may be a few tears.


But, honey, keep on truckin' and persevere... you'll be a paid freelance writer in no time flat. 


And before I forget to tell you, each one offers a guarantee; so, if you're not happy, they happily refund your $. 


Allright. Let's get down to the nitty gritty.


Recommended Books/Courses


Here are some books, and courses, I recommend. I have personally used each of these. Combined, they've all helped me learn the ropes and build my business.


Bob Bly Books and Courses


Mr. Bly is a legendary copywriter; he knows his stuff, period. 


When I decided to get into the writing business, one of the first books I bought was his. 

And I didn't stop at one, I bought three.

Why? Because I had read numerous positive things about him; I decided that if he put his name on it, it would be worth my time and money.

And I was right.


Here are the three books I purchased; I bought the paperback versions. (I like being able to grab a book and thumb through it whenever I need to know something.)


1. The Copywriter's Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells

This book is a guide for wannabe copywriters. 

If you're just starting out, he's one of the folks to point you in the right direction.


This book gives you information on:

  • Copywriting overview and basics.
  • How to write headlines, direct mail, brochures, catalogs, and more.
  • How to write for the Internet.
  • How to write effective emails.
  • How to incorporate graphic design basics.
  • And more.


Pros: Thorough; easy to understand.

Cons: This is not for you if you wanna be a blogger. It's for folks who want to learn persuasive writing, which is what copywriting is.


(Tip: I think the headline section is beneficial for anybody, whether you're a blogger, copywriter, magazine writer, or any type of writer.)


If you want to learn more, check it out here




2. Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to Make $100,000 a Year or More

This book is all about freelance writing, with tips on starting your freelance writing business.

But, this book is aimed more at copywriting, business writing, and commmercial writing; it's not tips on learning to blog. 

I bought this because, at the time,this is the kind of writing I wanted to learn about.

(Since then, I've turned more to blogging, only because that's just happens to be where my writing (and interests) took me.


This book gives in-depth tips on:

  • Freelance writing (what it is)
  • How to set up your business and website
  • How to set your fees.
  • How to find clients.
  • How to promote yourself. 
  • And more.


Pros: Provides a section on handling common problems in the business. This is a huge help; you can bet you'll run into problems at some point (even hard to get along with clients); he's a pro at this, since he's been doing it for years.


Cons: This really isn't a con, but it's a lot of information to absorb (especially when you're just starting out). Read through it, then read it again. Keep it close for referral, whenever you need it.


Want to know more? Check it out here.



3. How to Write and Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit: Your Guide to Writing and Publishing Books, E-Books, Articles, Special Reports, Audio Programs, DVDs, and Other How-To Content



I have to tell ya, this is my favorite Bob Bly book.


If you're interested in creating, and selling, "How to" information, this book's for you. 
Mr. Bly is the king when it comes to this type of information. 
With the help of this book, I've written, and sold, ebooks and articles.
These were the first types of writing I made money doing. And this book helped me do it.
It'll show you how to:
  • Find your niche
  • Write and sell ebooks
  • Write and sell magazine articles
  • Write newsletters
  • And more.
It'll even show you how to write podcasts, webinars, and other similar content.
This book is chocked full of information! 
It's by far my favorite, and was the most helpful to me.
If you wanna know more, click right here.
AND, listen.
I don't care what kind of writing you're interested in, there's a Bob Bly course available for it.
Check his courses out, and you'll see what I mean.
He doesn't play around. He means business. And if he puts his name on it, it's gonna be informative and useful for you.
The courses I've purchased:
- Internet Marketing Retirement Plan
Why? That's an easy answer: passive income.
I figure I have 10-12 years before I retire. That gives me enough time to create content I can sell online when I retire.
I want passive income, so I can have income coming in, without spending time working. I figure I better work on it now, right?
This can help me learn:
  • What type of content to sell.
  • How to sell that content.
  • How to set up affiliate income.
  • How to market.
  • How, and why, to set up an e-newsletter. 
  • AND, much, much more.
If you're interested in passive income for your future retirement, here's a link, so you can learn more, too.
Guarantees? Yes, he has you covered. Each product comes with a 100% iron clad guarantee!
Prices? They're unbelievable low, especially since you get tons of valuable information with each product.
You can't beat his quality, the prices, or the content that's backed up by years of experience. If you wanna learn from the best, buy his products, put what he says into effect.
ANd watch your business grow.