I've always loved to write; I won an essay contest in 5th grade and another contest in 7th grade. 


And when I was sick, and out of school, I'd write my own little comic books.


I even tried to illustrate them, but that didn't go too well. (Mom sent me to art classes, but that didn't help, LOL.)


And I also loved to cook and help Mom in the kitchen.


She let me go to cooking classes at our local community college... I loved it!

And that knowledge helped me become a better cook through the years.


And it helps when I'm always trying to change recipes to make them healthier, too. (My husband wishes I wouldn't do that sometimes!)


It wasn't until the Internet changed the face of business, and our economy, that I realized I could make money doing what I love. 


So, here I am.


What to know more? Here you go:



- I've been a freelance writer since 2013.

I'm an AWAI certified/verified copywriter.

- I have a BA in sociology.

- I'm certified in basic SEO writing.

I'm an entrepreneur.

- I'm an author and have been published on sites such as The Dollar Stretcher, Ravishly, Horkey Handbook, Livin 3, Paste, The Penny Hoarder, Mamamia, and syndicated on The Huffington Post. 






- I'm a lifetime health enthusiast; I love fitness topics and activities. I hold a current diploma in fitness and nutrition and am a former certified A.C.E. personal trainer. 


- I'm a former N.C. licensed cosmetologist. While I no longer do it for a living, I'm still happy to help my family (and friends) with their hair.


I owned one of the first pet grooming facilities in my North Carolina hometown. (Please check out my pet grooming book on Amazon.)


- I've owned a horse boarding facility, and farm, since 2001. 


- I have experience as a wedding florist and decorator.




 Okay. So, what else?

English is my first (and only) language.

- I'm trustworthy. Yep, I meet deadlines.

- I'm easy going ( don't mind rewrites and suggestions).

- My prices are competitive.


Anything else? Yes.

- I'm not a content mill. I do my own original work.

- This is my full-time job. You get my full attention.

- I do my own research. 

- You get my guarantee that you're happy. Period.


If you need some marketing help, shoot me an email, and I'll be happy to help you.

If you need content in any of these areas, I can help you grow your blog traffic!


Call me at 704-472-8037 OR email me with any questions.



Some Fun Facts

- I live on a horse farm in the North Carolina foothills. I share it with my husband, horses, cat and dachshund puppy. A bossy little puppy. But we adore him. That's him in the sidebar... Peanut. 


- I enjoy working out and spending time with my horse, Gibbs. He's 30 years old now but still in great shape!


- I love coffee. With sugar-free salted caramel flavoring. I love salted caramel anything.


- And when I need a piece of chocolate... Mallow Cups are my favorite :)


- I have the sweetest husband EVER! He still loves me, despite all the animals I've brought home over the years!


- I have adult twins (a boy and a girl); I have two adult stepsons, too. I love them more than I can put into words. 


- I love the beach! Anywhere. Anytime.


- I workout, or walk, almost every day. 


- My therapy: My animals and prayer. The best stress relievers ever!


More questions, or wanna contact me? Click here.





Me, pregnant with twins, in the eighties. (Yes, I gained 60 pounds!)

Me, about a year after the twins had been born. My dieting, and exercising, had become a lifestyle! 

Me, today. I've kept it off. But, it's always a work in progress. Sometimes, real life gets in the way. But, you just have to get back on track asap. That's what works for me :) .

Me, with my husband, who always supports me, no matter what I do!